Dragonfly Dreaming

Dragonfly Dreaming “Inherent in our Divinity is the capacity to be the Dragonfly and to dream its dream, to transform our limited human state to become whatever we set our mind to become.”

Dragonfly Dreaming

This book describes my spiritual Journey. Through my own experiences, I’ve come to believe that conventional physical reality is just one dimension of an infinite spectrum of reality that we exist in. (Click here to buy book)

This book is more than a personal journey into the unknown, it also provides a workbook for those who want practical tools to open new doorways of perception.

The book comes with a DVD of colour photographs of orbs and nature spirits. It concludes with hope for the future through my vision of a new world. Dream it and it will be!

“The Dragonfly is us and we are it, forever intertwined,  dreaming, dreaming the same unlimited dream of co-creation” Anna Pye.

At this time in our experience of drastic earth changes, Anna’s book is an invitation to all of us to be masters of our reality and to open our minds to aspects of it which it was never easy to do before. The many beautiful photographs of orbs and other light beings in both the book and the attached DVD is an inspiration to all those who are ready to be cosmic citizens. Her encounters with off-world beings extend a further request to invite contact with our brothers and sisters across dimensions.Enjoy this adventure into the unknown,  Miceal Ledwith

About the book

Part I Dragonfly dream describes my childhood – the egg cycle if you like – coming to terms with being an orphan, and encounters with the invisible worlds: orbs, ghosts, faeries and dimensional beings.

Part II Beyond the dream is the nymph stage, about my spiritual quests to find my own truth, to discern what is illusionary, to define my own light and to test my knowledge acquired through direct experience.

Part III Being the dragonfly is where I share travel experiences that allowed me to enter the dreaming whilst I was in search of the dreamtime. Owning my divinity ended the search of who I am and my purpose here on earth, leading to a vision for a new earth.

The workbook contains inspirations and practical exercises to assist you the reader, if you so wish, to enter the Now state and live an inspired life, to own your divinity in a way that is right for you.

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Anna Pye